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Thursday 5 September 2013

Xbox One & PS4 Release Dates With Information

So Microsoft have finally put a release date on the Xbox One. Which will be launching around the world in 13 countries. In UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Austria, Mexico, US, Australia, France and New Zealand on the 22 November. While the PS4 if you haven't noticed or knew about will be launching specifically in NA on the 15 November. However even its around 7 days ( one week ) launched earlier, most counties will have to wait up to 1-2 weeks for the PS4 being launched acrossed other nations. That is on the 29 November. So there is quite a small gap between the two consoles being launched. But its only time to tell to see, which one is worth picking. Although Microsoft have screwed up horrifically on their XB1 policy. There has been a substantial change in pre order sales, which Sony has been leading by a quite margin. On the other hand you do have to look at the prices of both consoles. For example the PS4 will be coming out for around £350. While the xbox one has a hefty £430 price tag. That could mean to people buying a PS4, since its cheaper and more well thought with its own policies. So tell me, which console will you be getting and why, down in the comment section below. But in all honesty i think the PS4 should be worth every penny for me with its performance, looks and ideas. Even ill have to say Microsoft did a good job reversing the policy but at the end the damage was done even before the sales have started.

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