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Sunday 17 November 2013

PlayStation 4 Out Of Stock Everywhere!

It seems like life has become harder for those trying to pre-order a brand new spanking PlayStation 4. Which comes out in the 29th November in the UK or 15th November already out in the US. Has become very stressful and hard to pre order the console. Various stores like Asda, Tesco, Amazon, GAME and more have the console fully out of stock. Meaning it will take at least some time for it to reappear to pre order. Some stores are even saying that if you pre order after August 6th, your console may come after 29th November. Amazon even has a notice saying customers who pre order after 14th November will receive their console after Christmas meaning 2014. That is extremely long and painful if your urgent to get a PS4. However bundles of KillZone Shadow Fall may be a better option to Purchase as their would be plenty in stock. But the price of £385 is an extra £40+, that some customers are willing to pay for a PS4 exclusive game. In my opinion the PS4 has come out with some bugs, errors and firmware issues. That will take atleast 2-3 weeks to clear up. So it would be good if you could wait for atleast 1-2 weeks after launch. But if you want a PS4 so bad like me. Its impossible to wait and the time to pre order is evaporating slowly closing into the release date in the UK. So waiting is crucial but Sony will have batches of PS4 made every second or minute as we speak for such a high demand.

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