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Saturday 7 December 2013

My PlayStation 4 Still Hasn't Arrived!

This is going to be a very quick post. But the topic is my PlayStation 4 still hasn't arrived and am pretty mad. Reason is the company from which I've ordered it from, hasn't update nor gave me actually dates. Meaning, I was going to get my PlayStation 4 one week after launch. And today is approximately a week. That makes me order either really lost of late in delivery. But the company hasn't even shipped the darn item, even when I pre ordered the console 2 weeks before the launch. So the verdict is Pre-Order your console one month back or just visit the stores on Launch date at 12pm midnight (if you're allowed). Which I really should've done but asking my Parents at 12PM nighttime to just get my console is kind of over the top. But if you can't bag yourself the console most people visited the store early in the morning at 6AM. On the other hand is also a much wiser option. So in advance am sorry for not posting a lot of content. I was planning on doing a nice mini review and first impressions of the console. But since it hasn't even came, in my prediction I'll probably have to wait 1-2 more weeks.

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