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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Crazy Aventador Crash In London Knightsbridge

So as you guys may know. I haven't posted on this website for nearly a month. Which is a sin itself, however I do have a crazy video I would like to show you guys. Since am a huge car fanatic. Its always a good thing to see a Aventador flying past shooting flames or even revving the hell out of it. But this time in London where I live. Knights bridge is filled with tonnes of super cars due to some rich owners and the area itself. Which unfortunately I don't live there, but I've been around the area  few times. Just not at this particular place. Where most Car Vloggers spot the best super cars around. On the other hand, its probably the most awkward area of bizarre things going down also for entertainment. Such as this Matte Black Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 Crashing into several cars while going by. That is spotted by the famous car YouTuber "Shmee150". Who crazily caught this remarkable footage of the £300,000 super car colliding with an Mazda pulling out. So all the credits for this blog is to Tim himself, as I know from Shmee150 on YouTube. With this painful video evidence of the crash, which has caused a huge spark on the internet lately.

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