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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Monster DNA In-Earphones Review

The Monster DNA Earphone is very tasty due to what its worth. For around £40+ you can find these amazing pair of Monster Audio earphones. Designed to perfection with its inline, lovely packaging and the ear phone itself. I mean the design of the earphone is just outstanding from Monster, as it consists of a Triangular shape that fits perfectly in your Ear. Which myself having small ears. I thought it would be a major problem. But as Monster provide the In-Ear tips to change the size of ear fitting. It was fairly easy to take out the big ear tip for a small sized one. How ever its crucial to know that when you use these earphones. That the ear piece itself is fully plugged inside of your ear. Due to the way the earphone is designed, it might fall off. Which is kind of rare due to how much time and effort Monster have spent on the design. But its a small thing to have on your mind, if your running or at the gym. In more there is very little to say about these earphones because they work for nearly every type of music. So if you listen to some Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Vocals or anything else. Depending on your Music Setting on your iPhone or Android. You can easily change the EQ setting to your liking. Since the earphones audio will change dramatically with a bass reducer, booster or vocal booster. Plus the earphone comes with a nice universal control talk on a tangle free cord which is brilliant. Since you can easily put them inside the Monster pouch you get. Or inside your bag or jeans without having to take time to un tangle your lovely earphones. In conclusion I give these earphones a 5/5.

 Great Packaging with a Magnetic Cover + Easy to take out earphones
Earphone design itself with ear buds and pouch.

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