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Saturday 31 May 2014

Expectations From Apples WWDC 2014

Well as many people know. The Apple World Wide Developer Conference is one of the most crucial parts of Apples history. As the conference is known to showcase many new design and innovative ideas Apple have to share every year. Which means all way from Macs to Apple TVs, iPhones and software. So there is always something special special Apple will do in this years WWDC. Due to some major leaks of iPhone 6 productions and iWatch rumors. Therefore its very crucial you know that Apple might release something in time for a more cheaper or expensive price. If you tend to buy an Apple product this week. So put a hold on some orders and purchases this week for Apple products. As if the rumors are true. Expect a change in price, hardware and software in the coming weeks or months. On the other hand I have built a small list of bullet points for you guys to figure out some unveiling in the WWDC 2014.

Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2014 June 2-6

MAC OSX 10.10
Health App
Macbook Air Retina
Macbook Pro Retina Price Drop
Macbooks With Beats Audio Maybe?
Smart Home App
iPad and iPhone Price drop/New Models
Apple TV

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