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Saturday 7 June 2014

Automotive Desire

Automotive Desire is a Facebook page where I built to share the most extreme and interesting automobiles in the world. So the main objective I would like to solidly stand by it to share amazing short info's, nice photo's and photographer information about a particular cars. Which of course is a great and simple idea at first. But after thinking long and hard. I realized many car Facebook pages. Hardly share any information about the cars specification or background. Therefore I made this page called Automotive Desire, which aims to improve peoples knowledge about cars. By reading a small simple paragraph about that car and technical specifications of the vehicle. By the name, engine, drive layout, power output, weight, price and lastly the photo credit if available. Which gives you a brief information in the technical and basic aspects of the automobile. So in more I would to receive some attention onto this Facebook page as its greatly made and put together.

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