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Wednesday 17 October 2012

The New PlayStation Store

Sony has just released its new PlayStation store which is eye catching and beautiful, also improved far much more than the previous store updates. The PSN store has been updated visually, meaning it won’t have any old boring design that the previous PlayStation store had. Sony has approached squarer shapes, slowly moving backgrounds and better viewing options. This also includes all a combination of game content and movie content in one place, meaning it will be easier to find movies and game content throughout the new layout. It is also fairly easy to navigate and also find latest content quickly which the previous PlayStation store lacked in dramatically. This update will also improve software performance, meaning it will be much faster to navigate throughout this amazing experience.  Search options have been changed instead of the keypad you will be having a quick lock combination of letters to find what you are looking for. Videos are also streamed once that particular area of content that has been looked at. Grid views to find content you want to search that is easily done, new titles for PS3 and PSVITA are updated and added very quickly and fairly easy to download. Well that’s some of the new features that Sony has incorporated in the new PSN store! Note the redesigned PlayStation store will be launched today as of 17 October and American users will experience the new update on 23 of October. 
Here is a video from PlayStation going through the new store!

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